Today we are providing resources for the mentor/mentee relationship; a key mission for #GirlsWhoPrint this year.

We here at #GirlsWhoPrint are so glad to have matched over 50 mentor/mentee pairs so far this year.

You can read another piece we did earlier this year about getting to know your mentor/mentee here

We recognize that it is a crucial and sometimes daunting task to forge and maintain these relationships, so we thought we would compile a set of resources for you to click on when you are in need of some inspiration., direction, or support.

As always, Mentor Matcher Kelly Mallozzi is always on deck to help in any way that she can.

Check these out!

Who knew REVERSE MENTORING was a thing?  Us either. But now you do!

We love a good podcast, and here are some great ones to check out.

I LOVE the tagline of this site – “academic rigor, journalistic flair”

This YouTube video is just perfection. Connection. Amplification. Success.

Bear with us, because it looks like it’s about chickens, but it’s really about leadership. This TED TALK is everything.

Enjoy these varied resources, and please chime in and tell us which ones YOU loved, and WHY!

Mentor Long and Prosper!