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Launched in 2012, Girls Who Print Day is an annual celebration of the industry’s largest professional network of women in the print and the graphic communications field. The event provides a platform for conversations and education that foster career and business success from current, and future female leaders in the industry.

Girls Who Print Day 2020 took place on October 22. Enjoy the replays and please share!


Empower Long and Prosper!

Leadership. Fortitude. Persistence. Hear how this illustrious panel of businesswomen are navigating their company through a global pandemic, and how they are strategically planning to come out the other side. 

Panelists: Meghan Milkowski, SVP Commercial Operations at Dow Jones, Hallie Satz, CEO/Managing Partner HighRoad Press, Marianne Gaige, Chairman and CEO at Cathedral Corporation, and Michelle Yun, President Courier Printing. Moderated by Deborah Corn, Print Media Centr.

Our annual award for Leadership, Education and Community Service. Past recipients: 2014 Pat McGrew, 2015 Cary Sherburn, 2016 Deborah Corn, 2017 Trish Witkowski, 2018 Jules VanSant, 2019 Sabine Geldermann, 2020??? – press play to find out!

Women’s careers are disproportionately being derailed by this disease. It is related to pay inequality, perceived value of a woman vs. a man in the workplace, ‘traditional’ gender roles in regard to childcare and home schooling, and more. Can we do anything to stop the reduction of women in workforce and prepare ourselves better for the future? It’s a new world… how do we make and protect our place in it?

Panelists: Pat McGrew McGrew Group, Dawn Nye Konica Minolta, Sabine Geldermann drupa, Vanecia Carr Domtar Paper, Lori Anderson International Sign Association. Moderated by Deborah Corn, Print Media Centr.

Workforce development has been plaguing the industry since Corona was a beer, and not a pandemic. Deborah Corn Girl #1, and Kelly Mallozzi Girl #2 at Girls Who Print host a panel of future leaders who share their thoughts on what is needed to attract, keep and develop young talent before it’s too late.

Panelists: Emily Simon Print Specialist, Carla Menéndez El Impresor International, Angie Wishard Sea Change Print Innovations and Karis Copp Karis Copp Media.

There are only a couple of months left in 2020, so let’s make the most of them. #GirlsWhoPrint welcomes fan favorite Lily Harder from Comperemedia! Lily will showcase the latest research into what, where, and when consumers are making purchases and how this research can guide your marketing strategies through the holiday season and beyond.



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an event for women in the printing industry

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