Girls Who Print Americas Print Show


On Tuesday, August 18th, 2022 #GirlsWhoPrint hosted a live panel discussion in partnership with a multitude of industry organizations as well as PrintIQ.

You can read the press release here.

We invited some key attendees to share their thoughts and impressions (pun intended) about their experiences attending live and in person. Below you will hear from them in their own words.


First up is hometown she-roe Anne Fouss, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Kenwel Printers, Inc., Columbus, Ohio

“When I first heard that Americas Print Show would be premiering in Columbus, Ohio, I knew it was going to be a show I couldn’t miss – opportunity to connect with others, learn the latest and greatest and find out where the industry is headed. Not to mention – the event was taking place in my hometown! Let me tell you, it did not disappoint! I met and felt connection with so many great people in the industry.

There was a true sense of community with people passionate about the work they do. I was able to see in action, the latest offerings in printing equipment/technology live and in person – not just a video. I am grateful for the human interaction, side conversations, and all that goes with attending a live event.

Celebrating a year in my role with Kenwel as director of marketing and business development, came full circle as I attended the Girls Who Print luncheon with gratitude and awe. I began following Girls Who Print just as I started working for Kenwel Printers after attending the Graphic Media Alliance Leadership Conference where I met Deborah Corn for the first time, then shortly after Kelly Mallozzi.

The information and resources through Girls Who Print were very helpful. New to the printing industry (production/manufacturing) I am grateful for how Girls Who Print has made it easy to gain industry knowledge. I have attended online leadership events and taken part in the mentorship program where I have learned from incredible women in the industry. It was awesome to see all the Girls Who Print women (and men) come together at Americas Print Show.

The room was full – I believe it was standing room only! The panel of women who spoke were inspiring – especially as some were leaders in multi-generational companies. Again, there was a true sense of community – taking the print industry to the next level – an industry where future generations will want opportunity.”




Next up is Amanda Bronowski, a real social media force in recent years. We were so honored to have her hosting the live ZOOM of the event, which she crushed.

“It is always a surreal moment when you get to meet your online heros in person for the first time. That is exactly what I experienced a few weeks ago when I attended America’s Print Show in Columbus OH and got to meet Girl 1 and Girl 2 Deb and Kelly from Girl’s Who Print. When I saw there was a show being held so close to my home and to find out Girl’s Who Print were going to be presenting, I made the decision that I had to be there.

This is the first show I have attended since Covid and it completely exceeded my expectations. Not only did I get to attend, I had the honor of hosting the LIVE ZOOM for the Girl’s Who Print presentation. Getting to hear these amazing woman speak about print and the industry and ideas for the future was well worth the trip. You could feel the electricity in that room when these women spoke.

They had passion and excitement for an industry I have loved for years. And the crowd absolutely felt it too. Men and woman from all different aspects of the industry came together to share in this experience. You couldn’t walk the showroom floor without seeing the majority of the attendees sporting their Girl’s Who Print pin. Just going to show that industry is as excited about that group as I am. I left that conference with a new fire, a new passion for what I do and why I do it.”

So there’s your proof. Shows are back. In a big way. And Girls Who Print will always be in the room where important business discussions are happening, providing information and resources to you.