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Fawnda Shahalami  CEO – Tier One Communication

Company URL: https://tieronecommunication.com/

LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fawnda-shahalami-676a4339/

How do you help customers and partners succeed with their print and marketing endeavors?

Many clients don’t know what they don’t know. They have a vision of what they want but really have no idea how to make it a real tangible marketing tool. Most small business owners cannot afford a marketing agency to brand their environment or create a campaign.

That’s where I come in and help. We begin in the conference room with a storyboard, we write down all the things they want to accomplish with their marketing collateral.  Then we tour the facility to help them open their imaginations to all the tools and capabilities they have available to them. It is so fun to see them light up when they realize they can literally have anything they want and print doesn’t have to be just on paper. We go back to the storyboard and it really opens a path to a very exciting marketing journey. That’s the way marketing should be, fun, exciting, and remarkable.

Let’s print to fabric, blankets, pillows, apparel, or sustainable silicone edge graphics! Wood, or maybe a door, yes? Acrylic for a multi-layered double landscape message. Brushed aluminum and mirrored sheet material, all day long. Let’s make a personalized superhero cape for your next Parks and Rec event! We can wrap your vehicle or your building and make your brand impactful! Elevate your message, there are so many ways, you are only limited by your imagination in the world of print. Let’s make it fun and memorable!

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