Doris Brown-McNally
WW Brands Innovation Manager
HP Inc.
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Did you choose print or did print choose you?

This is kind of a “chicken or egg” question.

Let’s say we walked out of the barn together, and haven’t left each other’s side since then.

How do you establish credibility with customers, colleagues and bosses?

Be authentic, be knowledgeable, be collaborative, be engaged, be passionate, be reliable.

What advice can you offer regarding negotiating salary raises/ addressing fair pay issues?

Know your self-worth.

Timing is everything. Don’t wait till your end of year review discussion to let your manager know your desires. Remember managers start their budget process and HR discussions months before they sit down with you.

Do your homework. Salaries are not based on what you want or need. It’s about what you can negotiate.  So be honest and see what others are getting for the skills, experience & abilities you have.  Not just a similar title.

Prepare for the Discussion Outline your salary/review conversation. Bring materials to support your stance. But be prepared to hear challenges to your points, listen and respond appropriately.

Just because you ask for a raise or promotion, be prepared to hear NO!  If this happens, be prepared to use the experience as an opportunity to gather information on how you can change that NO to a YES.

What advice did you receive early in your career that you wished you had followed?

Take time to know & LIKE yourself.

When you know who you are, you can be wise about your goals, your dreams, your standards, your convictions. Knowing who you are, allows you to live your life with purpose and meaning. I do OK with the know, it’s the LIKE I struggle with. 😊