womens print herstory month

Name: Haley Haar
Title: Owner / President
Company: AlphaGraphics Kansas City
Company URL: www.alphagraphicskc.com
LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/haleyhaar/

Did you choose print or did print choose you?

Print Choose me. Matt and I moved to Denver and I was going to look for a job. My uncle offered me the opportunity to develop promotional marketing sales for his AlphaGraphics Centers. When we decided to move back to Kansas City we had the opportunity to purchase an AlphaGraphics business.

How do you establish credibility with customers, colleagues and bosses?

Credibility comes by being honest and taking responsibility for all aspects of your relationship. Whether it is with a client or a team member I want to communicate that I will find the answers to support their goals even when I don’t know the answer yet. I think you can also build stronger relationships with customers and staff based on how you handle mistakes. Mistakes can be a great way to grow when an environment is a safe place to learn.

My mission for Elevating Print
I want to help buyers understand that printing is a product where expertise matters and partnering with the right printer is well worth the investment. A professional who is knowledgeable about the integration of print with marketing will only compound future success.