womens print herstory month

Jean Lloyd

Did I choose print or did print choose me?

I believe we chose each other. My granddad was in print and both my parents worked in print shops for over 30 years. As a teenager, my holiday job was to work at the factory.  I remember thinking that when I grow up, I want to work upstairs, that’s where everyone was dressed up and where the salespeople and management worked. Many years later, I joined Heidelberg as Marketing Manager and this print shop was one of their biggest customers. I walked in there with my heels and I looked the part, mission accomplished.

How do you establish credibility with colleagues, clients and bosses?

I once read that to be trustworthy, one must build trust, earn trust and stay trustworthy. People that have relied on me know that they can count on me, trust me, do business with me and align with me,  that counts on the golf course too!

In 50 Words my mission to elevate Print this year

I train and coach PSP salespeople on Digital Print technology. Since the pandemic, I train online for the OEM’s and in some cases, it’s offering the same training courses for up to 60 countries, where English is not their first language, this is a challenge. All these PSP rely on these salespeople to keep their businesses printing, so I feel the responsibility to continuously look at ways to improve my communication tools, ways to make the training more engaging, interactive, understood, and valuable in any language.