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Name: Kelly Mallozzi

Title: Girl #2 at Girls Who Print

Company: Girls Who Print, SuccessInPrint

Company URL: https://girlswhoprint.net/

LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kellyquinn1969/

Please share advice for young women considering or starting a career in print… Which includes design, sales, marketing, and all jobs within. 

Bearing in mind that print is a crucial part of the marketing supply chain, it is important that you know that this industry is dynamic and fulfilling. That being said it is not without its challenges. You may face challenges of ageism or other forms of bias, so it is important to stand your ground, voice your opinions, and BE BOLD. This industry needs your energy, passion, and unique viewpoint.

How have mentors helped your personal and career development?

I feel like I have been blessed with dozens of mentors throughout my career, from jobs in high school all the way through owning my own consulting practice. Being comfortable asking for advice is key, and so is being OK with coming across people that may NOT be in a position to help you. When someone offers to help, TAKE THEM UP ON IT.

Also, remember to trust your gut. Your career path will be long, and sometimes there might be missteps or opportunities that turn out not to be right for you.  I will say this and say it loudly. The first two years in ANY role are the hardest. When you can stick out a job, even if it’s hard, if you have good leadership, good colleagues, and a good product, it’s worth it. It’s paying your dues. However, a toxic work environment is not something to be tolerated. You have a network of almost 9000 women across the globe that are in a position to help you. Exercise that option early and often!

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