womens print herstory month

Name: Kelly Mallozzi
Title: Chief Motivator
Company: Success.In.Print
Company URL successinprint.net
LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kellyquinn1969/

Did you choose print or did print choose you?

Print chose me. Straight out of college, with a retail background on my resume, print welcomed me, taught me, and brought me along. I came along willingly and scrambled and scraped and fought a lot of battles to stand where I do today!

How do you establish credibility with colleagues, clients and bosses?

I’m honest, I am passionate, sometimes a little too emotional, and a yeller. I am proud to say I am no longer afraid to tell someone the truth for fear of rocking the boat or hurting someone’s feelings.  We have to stay focused on the future and our collective mission to keep print in the spotlight!

In 50 words or less tell us your mission for elevating Print this year

I will continue to try to lift people up, support them, work with them to engage in new ways and constantly seek to educate, engage or entertain print customers, prospects and partners. Print is a crucial part of the marketing supply chain and we must act as such.