Name:  Lori Anderson

Title:  President & CEO

Company:  International Sign Association

Company URL:

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Please share advice for young women considering or starting a career in print… Which includes design, sales, marketing and all jobs within.

While goals are highly important and setting your eyes on the prize can be motivating, it is also important to be flexible on the journey. My first job was as a music teacher and now I’m CEO of ISA; the path was not well-worn or well-traveled and there were a lot of bumps along the way. There were times I thought I needed to do a U-Turn but I’m glad I kept exploring because now I love what I do.

It is just as important to learn what you may not want to do as it is to focus on what you think you want to do. Life is an adventure; relish the journey!

How have mentors helped your personal and career development?

I’ve had many mentors, each one valuable and unique. While some people may have one key mentor, I’ve relied on a team of advisors over the years. I’ve been a part of many CEO groups and there is usually some nugget of wisdom each time we get together. I also believe passionately about coming together with my peers, and as an association professional, I walk the talk.

I’m a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Committee of 100 and have served on the Boards of the American Society of Association Executives and the National Association of Manufacturers, Council of Manufacturing Associations. And I also support members of the ISA team getting involved with their professional peer organizations.

For me, each of these experiences has resulted in countless mentors. My biggest piece of advice? Get involved. Join your industry and professional associations and volunteer your time. What you gain from the involvement far outweighs your time commitment.


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