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Name: Mariel Bolger

Title: Sales Executive

Company: Bolger

Company URL: https://bolger.com/

LinkedIn Profile URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariel-rose-bolger-aaa28a53/

What advice would you share for young women considering or starting a career in print?

I would say to make the entire company (and industry) your mentor. This is not an easy industry to enter (training takes years), but the people that have joined it before you have a lot to teach and you need to tap into that. Figure out what people do and ask questions.

Be curious. Most importantly, be bold. There are not a lot of women in printing, but the ones that have made an impact stand out. Be one of those women! Oh, and always support the other women around you—we need to raise each other up.

How have mentors helped your personal career development?

In every way imaginable. I am proud to name TWO female print mentors that I work with—Jane McCauley of Bolger, and Elizabeth Clark of BPI Media Group. Elizabeth and I met through the Girls Who Print (GWP) mentoring program years ago, and she is a fierce and knowledgeable woman whom I am lucky to know and learn from. Jane—what to say about Jane?

Jane is the reason why I am in the printing industry. She chose me as an intern at 18 and took me under her wing. She believed in me and I have been working with her off and on ever since. The knowledge, time, and patience that she has given me have been invaluable and, as cliché as it sounds, I wouldn’t be where I am today (not even close) without her and her support. Jane is one of those people who knows the industry like the back of her hand—color, format, paper.

She is a true pro and it is an honor to get to work with her so closely. Beyond that, my dad (dik Bolger), cousin (Bryan Bolger), mom (Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger) and the entire company have really helped me every step of the way and they continue to do so (it’s a big learning curve!).

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