womens print herstory month

Name: Morgan Fuller
Title: Marketing Specialist
Company: Paper Handling Solutions
Company URL: https://paperhandlingsolutions.com/
LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/morgan-fuller-363b65130/

Did you choose print or did it choose you? 

Print chose me! I have a background in theatre and mass communication, so marketing has always been on my periphery, but I am learning many new skills in my position with PHS!  I never knew anything about the print industry before, but now I am constantly being exposed to new products and brands in the field. It’s fascinating to discover!

How do you establish credibility with colleagues, clients and bosses?

I establish credibility by being honest while still being accommodating and understanding. People know me as someone who will work hard and do my best.

In 50 words or less tell us your mission for elevating Print this year.

I just started with my company, PHS in February, and our first goal has been re-launching our social media presence. My mission is to bring awareness to our company and to print in general. And of course to elevate strong women in the industry along the way!