Name:   Nelly D. Kozlowski

Title:   Senior Account Executive

Company:   Goodway Group of Massachusetts

Company URL:

LinkedIn Profile URL:


Please share advice for young women considering or starting a career in print… Which includes design, sales, marketing and all jobs within.   


Sales is really providing a solution for the client. The world of print always has fascinated me!  Technology has changed so much in the past 40 years especially in the last 10!  Still is very exciting for me to see a finish printed piece.

Having a great production crew who understands what sales and client is looking for is a rare find.  I work at the best printing company!  We have the best team!!

Branding is so important right now.  I have worked with many creative designers who can create a brand logo.  Once you see it on paper or promotional items is so satisfying!  Happy client is worth it all!!

Feel comfortable in what you do.  Ask questions, learn something everyday and LOVE what you do.


How have mentors helped your personal and career development?  


I am very fortunate to have worked and currently work with many amazing people in print.  I still learn something new every day.

Being in sales I believe to know the behind the scenes helps you provide the best you can be for yourself which lets you be the best you can be for your client.

I love this industry!


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