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Ramalakshmi Subramanian  Director, Technical Operations & Marketing, SGO Premedia Ltd, UK & India

Company URL: www.sgopremedia.com

LinkedIn Profile URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/srlnizam/

How do you help customers and partners succeed with their print and marketing endeavors?

As a Technical Operations and Marketing expert, I equip industry professionals with the latest knowledge and skills to achieve their objectives. With extensive experience and expertise, I respond to queries, offer suggestions, and provide guidance on printing process-related challenges. In addition to typical support responsibilities, I exceed expectations by participating in international exhibitions and award ceremonies, organizing networking events for clients and business partners, and offering decision-making advice. By regularly updating my knowledge and staying engaged in the industry, I help customers and partners expand their support for pre and post-operations of SGO Premedia. It’s not enough to simply follow instructions correctly; I aim to improve confidence in work quality through output. I strongly believe that managing clients’ success involves not only meeting their expectations but also developing confidence to fulfill their pre/post operations, which reduces their resource time and increases productivity, ultimately leading to indirect profitability for the client through us.

What ONE word describes your professional mission for 2023 – and why?

I can sum up my professional aim for 2023 in one word: Networking. As the Technical and Marketing Director of SGO Premedia Ltd in the UK, networking is essential to achieving my goal of expanding our business and increasing turnover. To accomplish this, I study the global market and utilize my networking abilities to attract new clients and increase the volume of business from existing clients. Networking is the missing piece of the puzzle in my professional endeavors, and I recognize its importance in making my presence in the UK impactful.

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