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Name: Shoshana Burgett
Title: Strategist, Customer Whisperer, Publisher, Color Geek, Explorer
Company: Colorkarma
Company URL: www.colorkarma.com
LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shoshanab

Did you choose Print or did Print choose you?

A bit of both. I have always loved the tactile feel of paper, the shine of foil, and the smell of ink. I went to design school but was fascinated with all aspects of production.  At the time, I even designed and printed my own wedding invitations on hand-pressed flower paper, shoving them into an early Xerox color printer. The device was not made for that type of application, but I am a firm believer experimentation drives innovation. Eventually, I started working with companies to assist design departments on publishing their vision.  This led to a career focused on design, print, color, and manufacturing and colorkarma where I get to talk about all of them.

How do you establish credibility with colleagues, clients, and bosses?

My authenticity and passion for my work. I know, firsthand, that executing an idea is not as easy as anyone believes. My customers see I roll up my sleeves and work side by side in the trenches to help bring their ideas to fruition.

In 50 words or less, tell us your mission for elevating Print this year.

Growing colorkarma and its readership, sharing customers use cases and examples that inspire and help all kinds of designers to produce and print on paper, textile, wood, metal, glass…… (what can’t you print on?)