Vicki James
Sales Executive
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Did you choose print or did print choose you?

I was lucky enough to work for an entrepreneurial computer products company (Softsel) in the 80’s that made me a Marketing Manager in my early 20’s. I loved writing and managing communications, and I spent a lot of time on late-night press OK’s. I was always intrigued by the prepress and printing process, and the out of the office lifestyle of the reps that called on me. So after I had my first child, I decided to go into Print Sales.

How do you establish credibility with colleagues, clients and bosses?

Softsel knew that I understood their printing and mailing needs, so they handed over all the projects I previously managed and allowed me to service them at my new workplace, The Ink Spot. My background in corporate marketing played to my advantage with new clients, as I understood design, deadlines, accuracy, and a service-minded attitude. As my client base grew, so did my credibility with colleagues and bosses. I spent 17 years in successful print sales.

In 50 words or less tell us your mission for elevating Print this year.

In 2015, while working in agency marketing, I completed an Internet Marketing Master’s degree. Now that I’m back in sales, I plan on elevating Print and my experience through the social media and SEO/SEM skills I learned, and hope to help others increase their visibility as well.