The last several weeks have just overflowed with all things PRINT!

As always, Girls Who Print Day was a blast, and had the biggest crowds ever. Who knew that all those people (men AND women!) at Print 17 were so eager to try on the GWP Tiara?! Wow – what a hoot!

Last week, Girl #2, Deborah Corn, hosted International Print Day 2017, with over 23 MILLION tweets generated around the planet – WOW!!! And that doesn’t even include the hashtags generated on Facebook, InstaGram, and LinkedIn. It was astonishing, and I loved seeing how many NEW people became aware of how cool it is to help PRINT trend the planet. Deb, our resident GWP Globetrotter, has been flying all over the planet promoting PRINT and GWP this Fall, so she’s one busy lady! You can track her adventures at

I just returned from Boston, where I took GWP on the road to speak at the first-ever Women in Print Luncheon with the Printing Industries of New England. It was so exciting to see how Christine Hagopian’s hard work paid off. She had a fantastic attendance, INCLUDING a dozen or more students and their instructor from Shawsheen Technical High School in Billerica, MA. These girls were so engaged and excited about PRINT that they didn’t want to leave. They hung around for photos, and to meet people and talk all things print. BTW – they designed and embroidered the logo on their shirts – how cool is THAT?! Our future is in good hands, people! I can’t wait to see what they do going forward – so much energy and enthusiasm – love it!

There are more photos from the PINE luncheon on our Facebook page at Go have a look!  The year is not quite done, with a few events and activities coming up in November before things wind down for the holidays. 2018 is going to be a great year for GWP as we develop more regional opportunities for engagement with #GWPontheroad. Be watching for announcements, OK?! Also – if you want to bring me to your organization or event, shoot me an email at, and let’s get it booked ASAP!

Peace and Love, y’all!

When you visit the FB page, why not leave a photo or two of what’s going on in YOUR neck of the PRINT world? People love seeing what you’re doing – me especially!!