a yellow sign for pro choice protest

I have been watching in horror as the rights of Girls Who Print – and all women – are being trampled on as forced pregnancy becomes the law of the land here in the United States.

The Supreme Court ruling is coming in June and the protests and marches that popped up a few weeks ago after the ‘leak’ gave me an idea of how Girls Who Print can do something proactive to support women.

Watching the news and looking at photos of the protests I saw a lot of homemade signs created with poster board, torn cardboard boxes, and a thick, black marker. I decided we can do better!

Christine Alexander, President of Creative Squirrel and the designer of record for Girls Who Print (and many things Print Media Centr), donated her time and talent to create the art below for posters.

You can download and distribute, print the posters and give them to women and women’s groups, change them up, take the idea and run with it… whatever you need to do, to do something in support of women’s rights.

We also made an “I’m With Her” sign for men. We need the guys more than ever to step up and support the women they know and love – including their daughters who will grow up with fewer rights than their mothers and grandmothers.

Girls Who Print is not a political organization. The current political climate makes everything about women a political topic and I am not shying away from it anymore.

I realize this will alienate some of you. I hope you stick around for the educational programs, mentoring, and the myriad of valuable initiatives we create and champion for women and the industry.

Our primary mission to ‘Empower the Women of Print’ will never change.

Deborah Corn Girl #1

Download PDF: Girls Who Print_BansOff

Download PDF: Girls Who Print_Ovary

Download PDF: Girls Who Print_Freedom

Download PDF: Girls Who Print_With Her