I laughed when I saw this image and wondered how many of us feel like this is all we do – JUGGLE!!

I saw so many of you when I was in Chicago, both in person and through your GWP Day photos, that I’m kinda missing all of you this week. We’ve all scattered back to our jobs, not just around the country, but around the world.

I know for a fact that Deborah CornPat McGrew, and Cary Sherburn have jetted off to Europe for events. Kelly (Quinn) Mallozzi is back home in Connecticut with her TWO sets of twins, and Marina Poropat Joyce is working feverishly to get her Kickstarter project wrapped up so she can get her new book, Designing for Print, in production and distributed out to the designers of the world.Teresa Campbell is back in Dallas, putting together an event for young professionals. On the left coast, Kristy Villanueva and Jules Van Sant are doing their best to drive participation in their PIA affiliates. Our students are back in class as Clemson, UW-Stout, RIT, Pitsburg State, and dozens more schools.

Me? I’m catching up from being away for a week – writing press releases, talking to my authors, editing, reviewing proofs, grimacing at bad art choices (ha!), trying to drum up some business for my fledgling publishing company, and making sure my pup and my husband don’t feel neglected whilst I juggle my crazy life! In other words – I’m back to normal!

And YOU!! What about you? What are you doing this week – including the juggling – that makes you glad to be part of this amazing industry? Tell us – we love knowing what we’re all up to!

Peace and Love, y’all, and in the immortal words of honorary GWP Jamie McLennan, “Make Print Fun Again!”

🙂 mb

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