free mentorship program for women in print and marketing

Our mission to empower the women of print starts here… and starts with YOU.

Whether you are climbing the career ladder or adventurously navigating the career lattice, a little help, and a little advice along the way from someone who has been there/done that can be extremely beneficial in achieving your goals.

What is the Girls Who Print Mentorship Program?

It can help you make a plan.

It can help you discover your purpose.

It can help you strategize your career.

It is a network of fierce, fabulous females from around the world who have your back.

It is an opportunity to share your experience with the next generation of women warriors conquering conference rooms, slaying sales, mastering marketing, and owning their seat at the table – and at the head of it.

This program is open to women who work, or aspire to work, in the print and graphic communication industry. We welcome seasoned veterans and students. CSR’s and CEO’s. We encourage cross-generational participation and encourage younger women to sign up as mentees and mentors – your perspective on the world, the industry, and business, matters.

The Girls Who Print Mentorship Program is free, but that doesn’t mean there is no cost.

We will match you based on your area of business, topics of interest, career goals, and current challenges. By signing up you are committing to participate. You are committing to your mentor/mentee communication and relationship. That is your agreement.

We commit to providing support, tools, and education that will foster your mentorship program’s success. That is our promise.

If you would like to join our mentorship program please fill out this form.


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