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Deborah Corn: Introduction and Intention.

VISIBILITY is not going to be given to women on printing industry trade show stages, covers of magazines, or board rooms until we all become accomplices and advocates and do something about it!

Deborah Corn is Girl 1 at Girls Who Print, and the Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse at Print Media Centr 

Kim Wunner: Can You Hear Me, Now?

Kim Wunner is the President and Founder of Kim Wunner Consulting. She is a transformative business and leadership coach, guiding women to become the leaders they are.

Amy C. Waninger, CDP, CDE: Identifying and Harnessing Your Strengths

Amy C. Waninger, CDP, CDE is the Founder and CEO, Lead at Any Level. She is a Keynote Speaker and Trainer on Inclusive Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, and Career Strategies. Companies hire Amy to help them transform their reclusive nerds into inclusive leaders.

Dr. Alyce Herndon: How to Solopreneur

Dr. Alyce Herdon is the President and Owner of Onyx Business & Print Center, located in Ferguson, Missouri, which is a woman-owned, veteran-owned full service commercial printing company. She is also the founder of Onyx Business Solutions, a not-for-profit organization that partners within the community to offer entrepreneurial training, and is credited for helping over 2700 firms achieve success throughout the region.

Shuchi Sarkar: Defining Your Culture and Purpose

Shuchi Sarkar Global Marketing Executive for Fortune 500 Brands & Start-ups with a focus on BioTech, SaaS, B2B/B2C Performance Marketing, and a member of Forbes Communications Council since July 2021.

Sarah Ohanesian: Command The Chaos

Sarah Ohanesian is a Chief Marketing Officer turned Productivity Coach, Speaker, Trainer, & Podcaster and the founder of SO Productive – a company that helps busy professionals get more done so they can love the work they do and still have time for the people they love!

Yaroslava Camacho, Jasmine McGlashan: Crowd Sourcing and Collaboration

Yaroslava Camacho is a driven and strategic professional skilled in organization, and management, and thrives in fast-paced environments. She is currently the Community Program Manager at Dscoop – the Digital Solutions Cooperative – a dynamic, user-driven community of HP Graphic Technology owners and their sales, marketing, and production teams.

Jasmine McGlashan is an experienced tech-savvy professional providing a varied and skilled background in Sales, Business/Brand Development, Customer Service, and social media. She is currently the Business Development Director at Dscoop.

Panel: How to Make Mentorship Meaningful

Kelly Mallozzi Principal at Success in Print, sales coach to the stars, and Girl 2 at Girls Who Print. Kelly is spearheading our revitalized mentorship program and leading this panel discussion with her guests.

Kelly Mallozzi /

Monique Renee Meyer /

Briana Caso

Christa Nuckols /


Event wrap up with Deborah Corn and Kelly Mallozzi

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