Meet Ayanfeoluwa Ibitoye, Regional Director Girls Who Print Africa

Image of Ayanfeoluwa Ibitoye Regional Director, Girls Who Print Africa

Who am I?

My name is Ayanfeoluwa Ibitoye, I am a Founding Partner with Printstreet, a digital printing company. Also presently grooming a fast-growing media agency, Pencit Digital, which is focused on media advertising, creative design, brand communication, UIUX, content marketing, and digital products.

I have been able to work with various brands and organizations. I have worked closely with both SMEs and multinational brands to achieve their goals. My works’ footprints can be found across various sectors such as banking, entertainment, media, religious organizations, food & drinks, fashion, sports, financial organizations, oil & gas, educational institutions, tech, and real estate.

I presently consult for businesses, small, medium, and large-scale businesses on branding and design. Helping with brand representation in the marketplace, growth analysis and strategy, communication, and great negotiation skills that help brands get things done.

Why GWP is important to me.

Africa is a wealthy continent with diverse talent and languages, Girls Who Print will play an important role in helping us to grow this wealth of talents. Girls Who Print will foster business growth for women in the African community, helping us to advocate & educate women across sub-Saharan Africa.

Why I stepped into GWP

Girls Who Print aligns with my vision to educate, advocate, and bring African businesswomen together. This platform will foster my vision.

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