Girls Who Print Conference at Americas Print Show May 8, 2024

Girls Who Print is hosting a LIVE conference at Americas Print Show

May 8: Our Investment Era! An all-day, in-person, co-located conference from 9:30-3:30

Sponsored by: DPS, Printing Industry Educational Funds (PIEF), Landa, Pitney Bowes, Millcraft, and Graphic Whizard

Hosted by Deborah Corn, Girl #1 at Girls Who Print, Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse at Print Media Centr who will open the conference with a motivational keynote titled ‘Our Investment Era’ which ties back to the United Nations’ 2024 International Women’s Day theme, ‘Invest in Women.’

The speakers, breakout groups, and open discussions during the event will focus on the personal and professional investments women must make throughout their careers to achieve their desired success.


Conference Sessions:

Invest in Your Time… Invest In You presented by Sarah Ohanesian, Co-Founder and Productivity Coach at SO Productive

“How am I ever going to have time to get all this done?” I used to ask that same question until I realized the one thing I needed. Spoiler alert: it’s not more multitasking. Instead, it’s far more simple – structure. Without investing in your structure, it’s hard to get control of the day. And it’s even harder to get the most critical actions done. 

In this session + interactive workshop, I share my most impactful productivity strategies to help everyone maximize their time. We will cover:

  • Getting clarity.
  • How to stay organized.
  • The myths about multitasking.
  • Determining the best way to structure all your calendars to maximize output and your “dead time”
  • Prioritizing what’s important over urgent.
  • How you can stop being so busy.

VIDEO: Meet Sarah and learn more about her session

The Power of Personal Investment and Mindful Productivity presented by Brett Jenkins IWLC, Transformational Life Coach/Leadership Consultant at Hummingbird Soul Transformational Life Coaching

During this session, we are going to dive into the transformative journey of discovering how mindfulness and intention can fuel greater productivity and success. In a world that glorifies hustle culture, we will explore practical strategies for slowing down, regaining focus, and ultimately accelerating toward your goals with greater clarity and purpose.

We will explore the critical role that self-care plays in sustaining personal well-being. Discover how self-care is not only essential for your own well-being but also enhances your ability to show up fully in all aspects of life. Your invitation to prioritize mental and emotional well-being has arrived.

VIDEO: Meet Brett and learn more about her session

The 6 Eras of Your Career Investment presented by Kelly Mallozzi, Principal and Sales Coach at Success in Print

In this highly interactive session, we will examine and clarify the career lifespan of women in the graphic arts industry from the ambitious beginning, through breaking barriers, building allies, and ascending into your leadership era.

Then, as a career progresses, we see women becoming advocates for others and stepping into the role of bringing others along. Finally, we will look at legacy and the crucial role that mentorship plays.  Come ready to move around, share, and reflect.

VIDEO: Meet Kelly and learn more about her session

Attendees will also participate in a VIP tour of the show floor and meet our sponsors.

Women from all stages of their careers and students are welcome to attend this co-located event.


Conference Ticket: $45
Proceeds will support Girls Who Print Africa.

Students with a valid .edu email address are free. If you do not have a valid .edu email address but are a student, please contact Deborah Corn.


MEET & GREET: Join us for pre-conference networking and drinks on the evening of May 7, 2024. Time/Location details coming soon. Stay tuned for announcements!

A COMPREHENSIVE PACKAGE: A full day of speakers, breakout sessions, professional networking, and a VIP tour of the Americas Print Show floor. All GWP conference attendees will receive a complimentary pass to Americas Print Show on May 8-9, offering an extended opportunity to explore the latest in the print industry.


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