Meet Ramalakshmi Subramanian, Regional Director Girls Who Print Europe

Image of Ramalakshmi Subramanian Regional Director, Girls Who Print EuropeWho Am I

My name is Ramalakshmi Subramanian (RL) and I am the Vice President of Technology and Strategic Services EMEA at SGO Premedia.

With over two decades of experience in the printing and packaging industry, I have established myself as a dynamic figure renowned for my versatile portfolio and cross-functional expertise. Throughout my career, I’ve played dual roles, serving as a trusted supplier to FMCG giants while also contributing as an integral member of FMCG client teams. My skill set encompasses technical, information technology, and financial proficiencies, providing a comprehensive approach to every project.

My work ethic is defined by confidence and an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality and results. This dedication has earned recognition, including my nomination as a finalist for the esteemed Business Leader award at Print Week 2023. Currently, as Vice President, I lead a global team of 35 professionals, guiding them toward excellence and driving innovative initiatives within our industry.

Now, I proudly transition to a new role as the Regional Director of Girls Who Print (GWP) Europe, stepping into the esteemed Global Women in Print & Packaging community with enthusiasm and a determination to contribute to the organization’s success.

Why GWP is important to me

As an Asian (Tamil Indian), the representation of Girls Who Print holds particular importance to me. It not only enhances our visibility in global networking but also fosters active engagement in GWP events. This alignment with my values underscores the significance of diverse representation and participation in shaping inclusive communities.

Why I stepped into GWP

I decided to step into Girl Who Print because I’ve dedicated myself to reaching high levels both academically and professionally. I believe in sharing my expertise on a global scale, and Girl Who Print provides the perfect platform for mentors and participants alike to do just that. My admiration for GWP and Deborah Corn’s activities over the years has been a driving force behind my decision to join. I see it as an opportunity to give back to an industry that has played a significant role in shaping who I am today. After all, what better way to show appreciation for the recognition I’ve received than by contributing to the industry that bestowed it upon me?

Why you need to be a Member of Girls Who Print Europe

Joining GWP Europe offers a multitude of benefits tailored to various stakeholders:

  1. For Students: Gain access to mentorship opportunities or seek guidance from experienced mentors within the network.
  2. For Employers: Easily connect with qualified candidates through our platform, streamlining the recruitment process and ensuring access to top talent.
  3. For candidates who Seeking Opportunities: Engage with GWP members who are actively seeking skilled professionals, providing a platform for networking and advancement in the workforce.
  4. For Institutions: Become a member and contribute to guiding students toward valuable internship opportunities and career development resources. Collaborate with industry professionals to enrich educational experiences and foster career readiness.

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