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Dawnielle Balli Business Development Manager – GPA – Part of Fedrigoni

Company URL: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gpa-innovates/

LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawnielleballi/

How do you help customers and partners succeed with their print and marketing endeavors?

My first step is understanding the printer’s mission statement and technology, researching their client, and understanding the application and message they want to communicate. There’s always a story in a printed piece! Collaborating with printers, designers, brands, and manufacturers to recommend the best substrates to create the best solutions is part of what I call “my print evolution”.

What ONE word describes your professional mission for 2023 – and why?


With some of the challenging years behind us, some may say the challenge is ahead of us now, but print will prevail and is essential! 

I can recall when digital and online came upon us. We can agree, there was a pause, but look how innovation with technology and print have come together with QR codes, embellishments, and interactive print that allows videos to dance, teach, sell in your hands, or pop out of a wall graphic. 

I’ve been in the Printing industry for over 36 years and pride myself on wanting to learn more and teach customers how they can differentiate themselves. Engaging with the Printing Industry communities, OEM partners printing, embellishment, bindery, and workflow technology companies. I also believe that mentoring is so important in becoming inspired and gaining fresh perspectives. 

How can a printable substrate be a part of a message to enhance your senses and experience? A touch, color, art of papermaking and knowledge to communicate the importance of sustainability. 

PRINT is a passion, I’ve been joking with my friends, “this is my year”- “why” they ask? Because the Pantone Color of the Year Viva Magenta runs through my veins!!  Only my industry friends get the joke.

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