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Karen (Foley) Smicik, VP of Operations, Print Services Atlanta – Phase 3 Marketing & Communications

Company URL: https://www.phase3mc.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karen-smicik-7b36ba/

How do you help customers and partners succeed with their print and marketing endeavors?

As the leader of our production team in Atlanta, I work with our team to ensure that the jobs are completed on time, accurately and with the highest quality.  In Production, we work with our sales teams to solve problems, enhance positive experiences and meet the client’s needs and goals with our print projects. We work collaboratively with our teams to provide the most efficient, effective and quality ways to produce these projects.  As a leader,  I try to lead by example as well as support the team to ensure that open communication and proper information are provided and that our processes are followed to ensure a successful project. Above all else,  as a leader, my personal goal and purpose each day is to help, inspire and empower each team member to have what they need in order to be successful at their job so that they know their work makes a difference and they are part of a big Phase 3 team.

What ONE word describes your professional mission for 2023 – and why?

TEAM. There is no one on our entire Phase 3 team that can do this work alone, we need our teammates.  As we grow, get busier and move into other avenues of our print and marketing business, we need our teammates to complete the work and ensure success. Each person has a job, has a purpose and their job is important.  Each team member makes a difference, I hope that my efforts of building this team, giving them tools to be successful as well as building and creating a positive work culture help each person see that their work matters.  I have said this from the first day of coming to Phase 3: We win as a team, we fail as a team, and we are a team.

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