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Melanie Albright Customer Service – Comix Well Spring

Company URL: https://www.grekoprinting-comixwellspring.com/

LinkedIn URL: https://linkedin.com/in/melanie-albright-778289268

How do you help customers and partners succeed with their print and marketing endeavors?

In customer service, I bridge the gap between an idea and the final product. It’s so rewarding when you see a customer’s art and ideas become something they can hold in their hands. 

Being really familiar with the customers’ journey from order placement to fulfillment can help tremendously when responding to complaints, and questions and processing orders with empathy and understanding. The process of getting to know the customer and their experience is one of my favorite parts of the job.

What ONE word describes your professional mission for 2023 – and why?

Create! It’s the nature of the comic book industry, but I’m looking forward to finding more ways to incorporate creativity into the things I do at work every day. Whether it’s in writing, creative thinking, or just making more beautiful things!

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