Brett Jenkins SCO Print/Mail Operations Manager, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

LinkedIn Profile:

What do you do?

Born and raised in the Midwest, I come from a place where small towns are plentiful and connection and community are an important facet of daily life.

I have always had a personal passion for helping others achieve goals through personal and professional development.

For years, I have worked as a leader in healthcare and the printing/mailing industries. Most recently, as an Operations Manager, I have successfully led teams to best outcomes through strategic partnerships, data analysis, application integrations, and effective project planning.

The most rewarding part of my work is the development of people. This passion has led me on a path to become a certified Integrative Wellness and Transformational Life Coach.

As a certified wellness practitioner, I have the unique privilege of continuing my work as a leader in a national leading pediatric organization while, also, being able to feed my passion for helping others.

What investments have you made in your professional career development?

I believe in continuous investment in career development through studying market trends and engagement with industry-relevant events and networking. I enjoy leadership and helping others to develop which has led me to a certification in wellness coaching.

What investments have you made in your personal development?

I believe education is a lifelong pursuit. I read (a lot), and I attend conferences and classes annually. I surround myself with people who inspire me. I challenge myself with personal projects that allow me to expand creatively. I also write; I like to journal and blog which is often cathartic and allows me to sometimes express ideas and thoughts with others to invite dialogue.

How can the industry proactively invest in women, and why should this be a priority?

Print is changing. The way we do business worldwide is changing. Women are engaged in this industry now more than ever and to keep up with the changes it’s going to take the collective efforts of all of us.

Like any other sector of work, this industry can invest in women through various strategies aimed at promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Some suggestions might include:

– Training and development

– Mentorship programs

– Equal employment opportunities

– Flexible work arrangements

– Leadership development

– Community engagement

– Promoting visibility

– Networking opportunities

– Zero tolerance for discrimination

Promoting gender diversity is not only ethical but also strategic and makes good business sense. It promotes innovation and creativity, expands talent acquisition and retention, and increases global competitiveness. Having a diverse workforce positions companies to expand performance worldwide and positively contributes to long-term sustainability and success in an evolving and competitive business landscape.

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