Kim Wunner CEO, Kim Wunner Consulting & Coaching

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What do you do?

I am a leadership coach and consultant. This means I am part cheerleader, part expert, part guide, and part teacher who works with their clients to be the most authentic versions of themselves.

I am currently studying Kundalini Yoga- which this a deep dive into the energy centers, physiology, and the endocrine system. Why? We can use our bodies to generate vitality, and ignite intuition and resilience.. all the time.

WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR – opportunities to turn women on to themselves. This looks like leading workshops and retreats. Do you work at a company or are you a member of an organization that wants to be better? It is always about the skills and confidence of the people. Maybe it’s communication or team building. Perhaps it’s having hard conversations or connecting to purpose and values. These skills are integral for a strong and sustainable culture and career.

What investments have you made in your professional career development?

So many!

First, I believed in myself and listened to my truth. This l looked at as a hard stop and reassessment of what my values were.

-Next, I enrolled in a coaching certification program – Levels I + II.

-I then completed the requirements for accreditation via the International Coaching Federation.

-Then, I established an LLC and hired an assistant.

-Then, I moved to a market that was open to and embraced coaches.

– I almost always have a coach I work with

-Most recently, I enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training.

This does not account for the HOURS and DOLLARS of networking, professional reading, and constant research.

My professional career development was part of aligning my life.

What investments have you made in your personal development?

See above 😁

Along with the above course of events, the personal development looked like:

– Earning Martial Arts belts to strengthen my body

– Learned how to swim at 43 years old.

– Strengthening key relationships, which included setting boundaries

– Went on, found a partner, and moved to a gorgeous community to build a life with her

Personal and professional development are entwined for me and wonderful ongoing discoveries, all the time.

How can the industry proactively invest in women, and why should this be a priority?

It is 1000% and must be a priority. Why? Women rock.

If we look at it more deeply, women are part of the diversity the historically homogenous, male field needs. The investment needs to be baked into business. Studies show DEI to “check the boxes” does not work.

How do we do this.. let me count the ways…

– Promote women

– Offer women skills-building opportunities

– Offer flex schedules so women can take care of the rest of their lives

– Trust women’s perspectives + contributions

– Invite other women into the rooms  

– Demand recognition for our contributions to the works

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