Rose Ehrecke E-Commerce Professional | Web to Print, Boingo Graphics

LinkedIn Profile:

What do you do?

With over 35 years of experience in e-commerce, art direction, and account management, I am a web-to-print expert who has created and managed online portals, templates, and design projects for various clients and industries across the country. I am currently an E-Commerce Professional at Boingo Graphics, a leading provider of printing and marketing solutions in Charlotte, NC.

At Boingo Graphics, I leverage my skills in Propago, Pageflex Studio, Persona, and Storefront, Four51, Liftoff, InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator, and Microsoft Office to deliver high-quality and customized web-to-print products and services.

What investments have you made in your professional career development?

In my free time, I have been researching AI and how it might be used to enhance online portals. The convergence of AI, e-commerce, and printing technology holds immense potential for online portals. AI algorithms can analyze consumer data to identify emerging trends and preferences, guiding businesses in product development and marketing strategies. Integrating AI-powered recommendation engines with printing technology enables the creation of personalized products tailored to individual tastes and preferences, enhancing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. I believe AI presents exciting opportunities for online portals to innovate and thrive in the digital marketplace.

What investments have you made in your personal development?

Photography is my creative outlet. It gets me away from the computer and gives me a chance to explore more of the world around me. I have been working on expanding my methods and experimenting with both my iPhone camera and my Canon digital camera.

How can the industry proactively invest in women, and why should this be a priority?

– Leadership Training: Offering leadership training specifically tailored to women can help them develop the skills and confidence needed to advance in their careers. This training could cover topics such as communication, negotiation, strategic thinking, and managing teams effectively.

– Networking and Support Groups: Establishing networking groups and support networks specifically for women can provide opportunities for networking, collaboration, and peer support. These groups can also serve as platforms for sharing resources, discussing challenges, and celebrating achievements.

– Mentorship Programs: These programs can provide guidance, support, and valuable insights for career growth. Mentors can offer valuable insights, share their experiences, and help mentees develop skills and networks.

By implementing these types of initiatives and programs, organizations and communities can help create more opportunities for women to thrive professionally and contribute to their fullest potential.

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