Sandy Hubbard, Marketing Strategist and Advisor, Help Print Thrive

LinkedIn Profile:

What do you do?

I’m a Marketing Strategist for print and media companies. The words strategist can mean a lot of things. In my case, it’s helping company leadership craft a big-picture plan to elevate the company in the marketplace, usually when the company is going through a major transition or launching a comprehensive growth program.

What investments have you made in your professional career development?

Recently, I tested and achieved my Certified Scrum Master designation. It’s nice to have third-party verification that I can help teams get unstuck, show them how to create valuable work and produce faster, and be more effective as they work together. I was also invited to join Google Women Techmakers, where I network with women in technology around the world and learn code in a supportive environment. I am also a brand ambassador for Grammarly, where I get exclusive access to new products and beta versions. Seeing how a huge company creates groundbreaking AI products and responds to customer feedback has been incredible.

What investments have you made in your personal development?

I am working harder to establish stronger boundaries between work and non-work time. Since our kids went to college, my husband and I have not been good about stepping away from the computer at the end of the work day. We are working on it!

How can the industry proactively invest in women, and why should this be a priority?

1. Get feedback from women before designing events for women.

2. Create valuable content for women.

3. Help us navigate our career choices and opportunities.

4. Show us how to productively and unapologetically network.

4. Invite more women to present at events.

5. Support Girls Who Print financially.

6. Shine a light on areas that need work.

7. Actively use non-gender language and speak up about it when you see it used to protect the patriarchy.

8. Pursue promotions, industry awards, visible placements such as boards, and other signals of success.

9. Stop prefacing every new women’s group with a seminar on Imposter Syndrome.

10. It’s important because we are a growing, valuable, impressive, fierce, fabulous part of the printing industry.

Thank you to Deborah Corn and Girls Who Print for many years of amazing content, events, fellowship, support, and visibility.

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