Rita Karagiannis Group Account Director – Data Driven Communications, IVE Group

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ritakaragiannis/

What do you do?

My role is Group Account Director at IVE – Data Driven Communications. I primarily look after our enterprise-level customers. I help our clients connect with their customers through personalised, data-driven Customer Experiences. This can be through traditional Direct Mail to digital channels. I have been in the industry for 20 years. In my early 20’s, I joined the industry through my university course co-op program which saw me working in a Graduate IT role at Hermes Precisa Aus (HPA) and then at SecurityMail (SEMA) which was then acquired by IVE Group. I have had different roles over the years in different areas of the business – IT, Client Services, Sales and Management. I have worked on many different client accounts and industries. It has been interesting to see how over the years print technologies have changed from overprinting personalised comms on client-provided letterhead to efficient highly personalised data-driven communications using high-speed full-colour printing.

What investments have you made in your professional career development?

I have a strong work ethic to be open to opportunities and to continuously seek to improve myself. I like to embrace new challenges and experiences which has enabled me to obtain new skills and knowledge but it has enabled personal development and resilience.

How can the industry proactively invest in women, and why should this be a priority?

By investing in women and creating a more inclusive work environment, companies within our industry can contribute to positive social change. We need to ensure we have implemented diversity initiatives, equal pay and benefits, and/or flexible work policies to accommodate the diverse needs of female employees, particularly those with caregiving responsibilities.

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