womens print herstory month

NAME: Helena Abbing
TITLE: Sr. Print Producer
Company: GSD&M
Company URL: http://gsdm.com
LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/abbing

Did you choose print or did print choose you? 

A little of both! I worked on high school publications since I was in jr. high (my Mom was the advisor for both at my high school), but I randomly fell into it when I worked in a corporate marketing slinging spreadsheets.

How do you establish credibility with colleagues, clients and bosses? 

Listen well and ask smart questions. Be a lifetime learner, keep up on technology and substrates. Keep and show good samples to illustrate processes.

In 50 words or less tell us your mission for elevating Print this year.

Educate relevant teams at my agency about print integration with other channels so it’s considered more often during strategy and media planning phases. Also, continue working to engage students at the university level and as early as grade school to educate them about available careers in our industry.