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Name:  Mary Ann Rowan

Title:  CXO

Company: Solimar Systems, Inc.

Company URL:  www.solimarsystems.com

LinkedIn Profile URL:  linkedin.com/in/maryannrowan

Please share advice for young women considering or starting a career in print… Which includes design, sales, marketing, and all jobs within. 

My advice to young women is to follow your passion and try everything! The print industry is vast with opportunities to learn and work with amazing technologies and people. Consider an internship with a print service provider and see what interests you. They will appreciate a fresh set of eyes and your ideas on ways to market more effectively.

How have mentors helped your personal and career development?

I’ve always gravitated toward smart, confident, hardworking, and kind-hearted people who give of their time to invest in others. I am blessed to have wonderful and supportive women in my life including many in my family and dear friends in our industry including Pat McGrew, Deborah Corn, Elizabeth Gooding, Maggie Curry, Marianne Gaige, Shelly Anderson, and many more!

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