Name: Sharron Saucier
Title: Controller
Company:   Goodway Group of MA., Inc.
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Did you choose print or did print choose you?

Print choose me. I came to Goodway as a two-week fill-in temp for the receptionist. The job was basically answering phones and sorting mail.  Upon the second day, I began to actively seek out work to do from anyone in the company. I was quickly doing more than the job entailed. About a week after that temp job ended Goodway called me asking me to join their team full time. Over the years I moved up in the company to my current position as Controller.

How do you establish credibility with customers, colleagues and bosses?

Respect, Trust, Consistency, and a good Attitude.

What advice can you offer regarding negotiating salary raises/addressing fair pay issues? 

Prove you’re worth investing in. Know what that worth is within your industry’s job market. In addition to salary find out if any of the company’s benefits are negotiable.

What advice did you receive early in your career that you wished you had followed?

There is plenty that I wish I DIDN’T follow. But not sure I haven’t followed the good advice received.